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Ethical standards

The Code of Conduct summarises the rules for day-to-day dealings with fellow employees, sellers and customers.
On the top of X-PowerWaterpumps Code of Conduct there is honesty and moral integrity. X-Power is committed to strictly comply with its own rules as well with national and international laws.

1)Loyalty and Professionalism: This point deals with honesty, neutrality, transparency, punctuality and impartiality towards buyer and sellers.

2)Internet usage policy: We follow a correct use of the web, and we guarantee compliance with privacy laws. We reject any use that has the intention of collecting, archiving and disseminating data and information for purposes other than our business activity.

3)Corruption: Corruption usually occurs in the shadows, and presents employees with conflicting rewards and penalties. In the absence of direction, employees may also perceive conflicting messages from senior management. We condemn corruption in all its forms: we will not tolerate it in our business - and we expect the same of those with whom we do business.


4)Gifts and forms of entertainment: The employees of X-PowerWaterpumps have the absolute ban on accepting any gifts and/or invitations which may soothe the interests of of The Elettromek.



5)Confidentiality obligation: Occasionally the X-Power-team have access to the company's marketing informations. These informations are confidential and they belong to The Elettromek of Germanò Antonino; employees have been instructed of the obligation to maintain confidentiality.