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X-Power Project

X-PowerWaterpumps is the top of innovation and quality.
It is a brand born from our long experience in the sale of hydraulic and thermohydraulic products. 

It is a robust and reliable line, easy to install and operate.



Best prices


Shopping Guide: 

It is important to ensure a purchase at the best price.

The determining factors in the formulation of a selling price:


-Product value


-Organizational structure

-Market price

We sell products without representatives. That allows us to lower the selling price.

The result is:

-Production of a professional tech product

-Price stability

-Partners adjustment of profits


High Quality Products

Our business deals on the distribution of pumps, circulation pumps, fittings and accessories that are widely required in hydraulic and electrical applications.


Expedited Delivery:


Order before 10AM ET (Monday-Friday) for in-stock items.



For Warranty Service Requests please give us a call at +390941361336 or email us at support@xpowerwaterpumps.com and our Customer Service representatives will be happy to assist you.


Once the problem has been identified, we will be happy to arrange for a return or exchange of that product you are not satisfied with. 

To validating your request, the manual-warranty-cut must be properly completed and shipped with the product. 


Product personalization:

By previous agreement and only for some products, we will offer you the possibility to customize label and product documentation.