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X-Power is a brand born from a long experience of our team, in the sale of hydraulic and thermohydraulic products.

The X-Power series is a robust and reliable lineeasy to install and operate.
X-Power is the top of innovation and quality.

Our customer service is provided before, during and after the purchase of a product.




Smartpump is a professional automatic pump for increasing the water pressure.
It can pump water from tanks and from wells (max 9,3 m).
The compactness of this product enable the installation directly on the water inlet pipe, and/or in narrow spaces.




Sany-pump is an hot water circulating pumps. It is designed to keep the water inside the pipeline at a constant temperature.

The main characteristic of this electronic circulator is the possibility to program the time, the temperature and the time intervals.





Mini-Pump is a very small automatic pump, suitable for domestic needs.

Thanks to its hydraulic conformation, you can install the pump directly on the water pipeline, or near the boiler.

The compact structure and the silent operation make this automatic pump perfect for home use.



AmicoCirc is a recirculation pump for your heating, friend of man and the environment.
Amicocirc complies with the standards Erp-ready.
It is equipped with seven possible different impostations, to guarantee the maximum energy savings.