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Accessories for electric pumps and water systems

Variable Frequency Device: 
It controls and protects the electric pump. It allows the pump to absorb the electrical power necessary to maintain the constant pressure, based on the amount of water required. 
REGOLO and REGOLINO VFDs are available on the xpowerwaterpumps.com website; they are characterized by the self-regulating power system.

Presscontrol, pressure switch: The PLUTO presscontrol replaces the traditional ON/OFF system for the activation of the electric pump. The PLUTO 60 SELF START series is the only one on the market which, by means of a self-regulating process, can determine the restart pressure of the pump. The regulation of the presscontrol takes place independently of the maximum pressure that manages to develop the pump applied to it. In all traditional presscontrols (including PLUTO), the maximum pressure delivered by the pump must necessarily be 1.5Bar higher than the restart pressure. The SELFSTART model is unique: in addition to having the restart self-regulation, you can adjust the start from 0.5Bar to 6Bar. In this way the pump will be able to cater uses up to 55 meters in altitude.
The production follows the most stringent quality standards; the construction technique and the latest generation materials make the PLUTO range very professional and durable.



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